Rules before visiting the salon

  • DO NOT FEED. Do not feed your pet at least 2 hours before the haircut. With a full belly, it’s hard to endure all manipulations with the body, besides, inconvenient case could happen and the grooming time can be significantly increase.
  • WALK THE PET. Before grooming, it is recommended to walk the pet, so that on the table he would not twiddle around because he wants to go to the toilet.
  • PET IS INFECTED WITH PARASITES. If you did not suspect the parasites infection and this was found out during the haircut, then the pet is immediately treated with special shampoo (to avoid infection of other pets) and an additional charge will be charged!
  • DO NOT MARK THE AREA. Dogs are prohibited from marking the area near the salon and in the room itself! Therefore, the dog must be on hand or on a leash before it is placed on the grooming table.
  • HEALTHY AND VACCINATED. The pet salon only serve to healthy and vaccinated animals!

    You can not visit the salon if the dog is sick or does not feel well. For example:

    • vomiting
    • diarrhea
    • cough
    • runny nose
    • fresh wounds
    • any other disturbing symptomes
  • How to behave in a pet salon:

  • Come to the salon strictly at the appointed time, not earlier and not later! In the salon there may be different breeds of dogs that should not interact with each other. You can also cause inconvenience to both other customers and groomers. The master needs to allocate time between haircuts to sanitize the tool, tables, bathroom, cleaning the workplace and rest break.
  • Cats should be brought in carrying bags.
  • It is not necessary for the whole family to come to the salon to view the procedure, because it is unsafe for the pet. The groomer has a very sharp instrument in his hands, and the dog reacts to any movement. The master cannot predict the movements of all those present in the salon. Especially unpredictable and very active are children. In addition, not all procedures are pleasant for animals, and it will be difficult to explain their necessity to the kids.
  • Upon return to the owner, the pets must be fully controlled by the owners.
  • If you want to be present at grooming process:

    • Do not be in the cabin with children.
    • Do not walk around the cabin.
    • Do not make harsh sounds.
    • Do not enter suddenly.
    • Do not distract other pets, which are being served at the same time as yours.
    • You can enter the work area only at the invitation of the master, observing safety rules and silence.
Claims for haircuts are accepted at the time of transfer to you a trimmed pet! If you cannot come for grooming at the appointed time, we will be very grateful if you let us know as soon as possible.