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About Us

Grooming Salong opened its doors in 2011. Over the years Inga Zenyuk its founder and owner, has formed a friendly team of experienced and professional craftsmen who know and love their job. To be friendly to clients and their four-legged friends while having an individual approach to each pet. Our goal is a healthy beautiful pet and a satisfied customer.
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Grooming Salong offers a range of services, including washing, haircut with a clipper and scissors, trimming, combing the matted coat out, combing out the undercoat during molting, hygiene grooming, basic pet-grooming, show grooming (preparation for the dog shows), grooming for cats, etc. Our masters will try to make a visit of Your pet is as pleasant and safe as possible, therefore we work only with professional sterilized instruments, and the owner can always be present during the haircut so that you can personally see the quality of our service, especially when it comes to your pet’s first visit to the salon. Convenient location and free parking!

When trusting your pet to us, you must remember that your pet is in safe hands! Call and book your time in advance!

Our masters

Inga Zenyuk

Groomer since 2011 and the founder of the salon. Grooming training took place in Moscow. Specialization - decorative breeds in a home haircut. She loves animals and everything connected with them. The owner of the Yorkshire Terrier pet class. Actively and constantly evolving and improving her grooming skills. Works with decorative and miniature breeds.

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Svetlana Pugacheva

Has been working as a groomer since 2011. Deals with the small and medium breeds. Provides cat-grooming in the salon. The owner of the breed West Highland White Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer. Sociable and friendly. The language of communication is Russian, Estonian.

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Irina Vinogradova

Owner of the kennel WINZ SPRATE. Since 1992 became a breeder and groomer of American Cockers, since 1997 breeder of miniature schnauzers, since 2018 breeder of griffins. She began her groomer career at the “Sharm” salon in 1998. Worked in the “Kapi” salon. An in the best salon of Espoo “Magic Dog”. Works with breeds 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 4th of the FCI groups and crossbreed dogs. Among her clients there are many world-class champions in the FCI and IKU systems. The main breeds for show-grooming are Terrier breeds, Schnauzers, Spaniels, Bernese Shepherds.

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