About us

    Grooming Salong opened its doors in 2011, its founder and owner became Inga Zenyuk.Today we can proudly declare that the Grooming-Salong is a team of professional, well-organized groomers who enjoy doing their job. The main goal of our masters is to offer the perfect service to the clients, considering every single client need and even specific ones. Our groomers are doing their best to improve their working skills and they use every chance to get the better qualification. Our salon’s motto is - healthy and beautiful pet, satisfied client.

    The Grooming Salong offers a variety of grooming procedures like “bathing”, “trimming”, “combing out of elf-locks”, “combing out of old undercoat”, “hygiene procedures”, “nail clipping”, “show grooming(preparing a pet for show)”, “cat grooming” etc. Our salon cooperates with the Milord salon in Moscow city, which has the leading chain of grooming salons in Moscow and entire Russia. Our salon works with the Milord cosmetic products for grooming. This cosmetics is also sold in our salon for the home use. For more information visit.

    Our groomers will ensure the safe and enjoyable handling of your pet. We work with the sterilized and professional instruments and the pet owner can always stand by the pet during the grooming procedure in order to make sure that his/her pet is provided with the excellent service (it is especially important during your pet’s first visit).

    Convenient location and free parking!

    Book time for the service in advance!

    If you bring your pet to our salon you should know that your dog is in safe hands!